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Scale your ecommerce business, your way

The only no-code, API-first ecommerce platform that allows businesses to build next-generation shopping experiences visually to drive sales.

Build high-converting headless storefront without code

We’re backed by the best. Trusted by 100+ partners. We band with the best to give our merchants the best ecommerce experience and ease of use.

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Why choose aasaan for your brand?
Lightning-Fast Site Speed
Experience a 70% increase in site speed, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
Boost Your Conversion Rates
Witness a remarkable 38% uplift in conversion rates, maximizing your sales potential.
Elevated Average Order Value
Enjoy a 20% surge in average order value, driving higher revenue per transaction.
Accelerated Time to Market
Achieve 10x faster time to market, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

How does the aasaan platform work?


Seamlessly integrates with your existing backend or start with our API-first commerce platform and harness the power of best-in-class technology within seconds.

Build with your own data. Publish products, collections and more across multiple stores and channels to create rich, dynamic shopping experiences.

Build using Drag & Drop

Embrace the freedom of choice by visually building with your headless store.

Utilize our building blocks to create bespoke experiences from scratch.

Empowering you to control the customer journey and manage shopping experiences without reliance on developers