Our mobile makes it easy to manage your business when you are constantly on the move.
Our merchants love us
Merchants who use aasaan really love everything about it.

Control your online store from anywhere

On-the-go convenience

Manage your e-commerce store on your mobile for flexible business oversight, quick customer responses, and on-the-go updates, freeing you from desktop constraints.

Real-time updates

Mobile management enables swift responses to market trends, updates to products, and pricing adjustments, ensuring competitive and customer-responsive online stores.

Enhanced efficiency

Our storefront app provides user-friendly interfaces for smaller screens, streamlining operations, saving time, and maintaining control equivalent to desktop sites.
Manage on the go
Get push-notifications about new orders, update statuses, and keep customers informed automatically, or contact customers directly right from your app.
Reach customers anytime, anywhere
Sell your products and connect with customers-all from your mobile device. Easily share products across social media.
Get more done anytime, anywhere
Aasaan’s mobile app gives you a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, inventory, payments, and more, from any screen.