How to Create a Website in 10 Mins? Step-by-step Guide

Murali Gottumukkala
Co-founder, COO
February 3, 2022

Still, wondering how is this possible? The answer is the aasaan App. You can make your dream come true by having your website in just 10 mins. Firstly, you need to download the aasaan app through their website. For that CLICK HERE and now all you need to do is to follow the four simple steps as explained below.

How to make a website in 10 minutes?

1. Download and signup

“Sign up with your account to start”

In the first step, you need to check the Google Play Store and search for the aasaan app and download the same. After downloading the app, create your account by signing up using your mobile number, name of your business, and suitable brand name as per your business. Don’t forget to mention all details because it would make it easy for the customers to search for your details.

2. Catalog builder

“Create your online store”

The “Catalog builder” facility in the aasaan app helps you to enter the details of your business and product line easily and understandably. You don’t need an IT expert to make your catalog in this app.

Once you make your brand name, start making your catalog by adding the list of products that you want to sell online by adding their description in detail such as good quality images, pricing, quantity, size, colour, and more.

3. Select your theme

“Represent yourself”

Now, it’s time to show your page attractively and beautifully, so that customers will engage and look for the products that you want to sell, and they can easily search for the products that they are looking for. Choose your theme design among the various options as given under the aasaan app, along with your logo and business category, and make your business online in a few minutes. And if you have any queries for the same, just contact us, and we will be there for you to help.

4. Add your custom domain name

“Experience unique features”

Finally, create a unique website domain name for your business and start promoting your products. Your domain name should be unique and related to your business and product line so that people can easily find you over the internet.

A good domain name stands unique among the various other online selling platforms.

All you need to do is to put your best efforts to boost the business by following the above simple steps and consistently doing marketing. Only this way you can grow your brand easily and build a reputation through aasaan.

What are the key features of using the aasaan app?

“Explore the selling platform using the aasaan App”

The aasaan app allows your mind to work freely in order to obtain the best results. It is designed to support simplicity and ease of doing business. This vision of aasaan has emerged as a different dimension in the digital workplace.

aasaan believes in providing the best business solution to its customers and helping them grow in their fields of business. The technology experts at aasaan are fully committed to providing the best suitable solutions for setting up the business online at minimum effort and low cost.

aasaan helps in eliminating complexity during business by delivering the utmost customer satisfaction and experience with its passionate team. aasaan aims at empowering businesses across the globe with innovation and creativity.

The objective is inspired by the choices and successful outcomes derived from decision-making. We also believe in solving complex problems with simplicity and perseverance.

  •  aasaan- A selling platform

aasaan also allows you to promote your business and sell products online through social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook for the best revenue growth. You can share all the product-related details on social media handles and other major updates regarding payments and delivery.

To promote sales, you can create your store for providing an online shopping experience that will attract huge traffic on your platform and increase business revenue and create a robust brand image.

  •  aasaan- A marketing platform

Marketing is the key source for every business’s growth. aasaan helps in marketing your website on different social media handles for building customer relations across the globe.

Therefore, marketing with aasaan helps in reaching out to potential customers while motivating sales. We also facilitate analytics-based actions to keep a record of all the sales and orders of the customers and designing future patterns to enlarge businesses.

  •  aasaan- A managing platform

Now, you can manage your working hours and monetary transactions with simple clicks by using aasaan. To build trust among the customers, aasaan lends its support to create reliability and credibility by providing verified seller badges on your account.

You can prepare a database of customer contacts and information for sending all the latest deals as per the needs of the customers.


aasaan is helping new entrepreneurs in recognizing their true potential by providing world-class technologies at reasonable pricing. aasaan believes in success-driven techniques and guidance to its customers for the growth of their businesses.

This foundation of success depends upon the ideas of customers, a positive approach, and determination. The first and crucial step is to create your website through aasaan.

You can start your online business while launching your brand and can experience the best. The website can now be created in ten minutes using the aasaan app without the help of any IT professional, and you can easily set up your dream business.


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