How to Create WhatsApp Channels: A step-by-step guide

Sivaram Gadiraju
Founder, CEO
September 25, 2023

Ever wondered how some businesses manage to keep their customers engaged 24/7? No, they’re not using magic. They’re leveraging the power of WhatsApp Channels. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Did you know that WhatsApp has over 2.24 billion users worldwide? That’s a massive audience you’re missing out on if you’re not utilizing WhatsApp Channels. So, what’s holding you back? Afraid it’s too technical? Too time-consuming?


In this article, you’ll learn how to effortlessly create WhatsApp Channels and how to optimize them for maximum engagement. Why is this important?

Because in today’s digital age, your customers are just a message away, and you can’t afford to lose that direct line of communication.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

So, if you’re tired of missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with your audience, read on. We share a common goal here—to make your business unstoppable.

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What Are WhatsApp Channels?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what WhatsApp Channels are. They’re a one-way broadcast tool within the WhatsApp app.

Imagine it as a radio station where you’re the DJ, and your audience can only listen. They can’t talk back, but they can react with emojis.

WhatsApp Channels is a new feature that allows users to broadcast messages to a large audience, similar to a newsletter or blog.

Channels can be used by businesses, organizations, or individuals to share updates, news, and other information with their followers.

To create a WhatsApp Channel, you need to have a WhatsApp account and be at least 18 years old.

Once you have created a Channel, you can add a name, description, and profile picture. You can also choose to make your Channel public or private.

key Features

  • Enhanced Directory: Helps users find channels filtered by country or popularity.
  • Reactions: Users can react with emojis, although these won’t be visible to followers.
  • Forwarding: When you forward an update, it includes a link to your channel, making it easier for people to follow you.

Some of key stats of Whatsapp:

  • Half a billion people use WhatsApp Status every day.
  • WhatsApp is used in over 180 countries.
  • India has the most WhatsApp monthly active users (390.1 million).
  • More than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp.
  • Every day, 54% of millennials and 36% of baby boomers engage with WhatsApp.
  • During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, people collectively logged 15 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls daily.

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How to get WhatsApp Channels feature

Exciting news! WhatsApp Channels are now being rolled out. If you don’t have access yet, you can join the waitlist by following these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Help Center.
  2. Click on the three dots menu.
  3. Select “Channels.”
  4. Get started and learn how to create a WhatsApp Channel and join the waitlist.

Before diving in, ensure that your WhatsApp account is up-to-date for seamless channel creation, and for added security, consider enabling two-step verification.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel

To create a WhatsApp Channel, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Updates tab.
  2. Tap the + icon and select New channel.
  3. Tap Get started and continue through the onscreen prompts.
  4. Add a channel name to finish creating your channel. You can choose to change the name again at any time.
  5. Customize your channel:

Sharing your WhatsApp Channel

Once you have created a WhatsApp Channel, you can share it with your followers and other users. To share your Channel:

  1. Open your Channel and tap the Channel link button at the top right corner.
  2. Tap the Share button and choose how you want to share your Channel link. You can share it via WhatsApp, other messaging apps, or social media.

Using WhatsApp Channels

To use WhatsApp Channels, simply send messages to your Channel as you would to any other chat.

You can share text, images, videos, and documents. You can also add captions and links to your messages.

Your followers will receive your messages as notifications. They can also view your Channel’s message history at any time.

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There are many benefits to using WhatsApp Channels, including:

  • Reach a large audience: WhatsApp Channels allow you to reach a large audience with your messages, even if you don’t have their phone numbers.
  • Build a community: WhatsApp Channels can be used to build a community around your brand or organization. You can use your Channel to share updates, news, and other information with your followers, and to answer their questions.
  • Increase engagement: WhatsApp Channels can help you to increase engagement with your audience. Your followers can react to your messages and leave comments, which can help to start conversations and build relationships.

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Here are some additional tips for using WhatsApp Channels:

  • Use high-quality images and videos: Your Channel’s profile picture and message content should be high-quality and visually appealing. This will help to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
  • Write clear and concise messages: Your messages should be easy to read and understand. Avoid using jargon or technical language that your audience may not be familiar with.
  • Be consistent: Post new messages to your Channel on a regular basis. This will help to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Interact with your followers: Respond to your followers’ comments and questions. This will help to start conversations and build relationships.

Use WhatsApp Channels to grow your business or organization

If you are a business owner or organization leader, WhatsApp Channels can be a great way to grow your business or organization.

You can use your Channel to share updates about your products or services, news about your industry, and other information that is relevant to your audience.

You can also use WhatsApp Channels to promote your products or services. For example, you can offer exclusive discounts or promotions to your followers. You can also use your Channel to run contests and giveaways.

By using WhatsApp Channels effectively, you can reach a large audience, build a community, and grow your business or organization.


WhatsApp Channels is a powerful new feature that can be used to reach a large audience and build a community.

If you are looking for a way to share your message with the world, then WhatsApp Channels is a great option.


1. What are channels on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Channels allow admins to send text, media, and polls for one-way communication. They’re distinct from private messaging, designed for easy access to updates from people and organizations you follow. Create a channel by opening the Channels tab, selecting your channel, and copying the link for unlimited audience reach. Follow celebrities, brands, and more for direct updates.

2. How to delete a whatsapp channel?

To delete a WhatsApp channel, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Updates tab.
  2. Tap and hold your channel, then tap Delete channel.
  3. Tap Delete to confirm.

Note: Deleting a channel is permanent and cannot be undone. Once you delete a channel, all of its messages and followers will be gone.

3. How to find and follow WhatsApp Channels

To find and follow WhatsApp Channels, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Updates tab.
  2. Tap Find channels.
  3. You can browse channels by category, search for channels by name, or see channels that are popular in your region.
  4. Once you find a channel that you’re interested in, tap Follow.

You can also follow channels by tapping on a channel invite link that you receive in a chat or online.

Once you’re following a channel, you’ll receive notifications when the channel posts new updates. You can also view the channel’s message history at any time.

4. Can I have WhatsApp Channels on iOS?

Yes, you can have WhatsApp Channels on iOS. WhatsApp Channels is a new feature that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

5. Can WhatsApp Channel members/ followers see your details?

WhatsApp Channel admins can only see your name and other details if you are saved as a contact on their phone. If you are not saved as a contact, the admin will only be able to see your profile picture and how you interact with the channel content.

WhatsApp Channel followers cannot see your name and other details, regardless of whether or not you are saved as a contact on their phone.

WhatsApp is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. That is why Channel admins and followers cannot see your name and other details unless you have explicitly chosen to share them.

If you have any concerns about your privacy on WhatsApp Channels, you can always contact WhatsApp support for help.

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