Simple Ways to Find Supplier or Manufacturer for Your Product Idea

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December 21, 2022

Did you know that over 2 billion people still place their orders digitally?

Ideas make businesses. It may sound simple on the surface; however, a lot goes into turning an idea into a business. Where innovating new products is concerned, finding the right manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors who fit the bill can be challenging.

With the rise in ecommerce, the supply and distribution process has become relatively easier. You don’t need to wonder about how to get distributors for your product, with many wholesalers now conducting business online. However, that still leaves gaps in finding the right manufacturer.

If you are ready to bring your product idea into production, read this blog to nail the right manufacturer and supplier for your ecommerce business.

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Know What You are Looking for

The first step in bringing your product idea to fruition is understanding what you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a patented product and need a manufacturer to make it from scratch? Does the manufacturer have sourcing for the raw materials, or would they need you to provide them? The search for the right manufacturer takes priority because your product is new and patented, necessitating stringent control over the manufacturing.
  • Are you looking to sell branded products on your own ecommerce store? If yes, you probably need a supplier or a wholesaler of branded items. Bulk purchases help you acquire goods at reduced prices, so you may want to look for deals from your suppliers or wholesalers.
  • Is your ecommerce business a dropship model? You would then need to work on a completely different supply and distribution method that eliminates keeping inventory.
  • Do you want to source the material/products domestically or from somewhere overseas? Sourcing from domestic manufacturers helps reduce shipping costs and maintain better communications. On the other hand, sourcing from overseas may get you better quality materials.

Based on your answers to the questions above, the process of finding the right manufacturer would begin.

How to Find Suppliers for Your Product

Knowing what you need is half the work done. Now begins the stage where you actually start looking for potential manufacturers/suppliers/wholesalers/distributors from whom you can source your product.

The best place to begin your search in today’s day and age is the internet. Listed below are some of the best resources you can access to find the right manufacturers for your product idea:

1. Directories

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You may have heard of websites like Alibabaand IndiaMart; these are some examples of online supplier directories.

These websites work like aggregators for manufacturers/suppliers/wholesalers/distributors that you can reach out to by searching for your requirements in the search tab.

For example, if you wish to purchase Levi’s jeans in bulk, simply type in that search term in the tab of any of these websites, and a long list of suppliers will pop up.

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Google search is the holy grail of finding anything online. You just need to know the right keywords to get the exact results in the first few attempts.

For example, in the image shown below, the keywords “Levi’s jeans distributors” shows multiple domestic and overseas agencies who can provide this service to you.

3. Other Sources

Your local library is the next best source that can provide you with a list of local manufacturers and distributors.

The highlight is that these directories aren’t available to access for free your local library may be paying a subscription fee to maintain access. You can get access to it for a one-time charge or library membership.

Networking and referrals are another great way to get your hands on quality manufacturers. It works to have good interpersonal skills in this respect.

You can arrange a meeting or a phone call with your network to see if anyone can give you a lead on your requirements.

A Few Points to Consider Before Finalizing a Manufacturer

Before you finalize a manufacturer, consider the following points to ensure that it is a lucrative deal for your business:

1. Manufacturer Reputation and Quality

Research online resources like client feedback on social media or check their accreditation and reputation on the internet. You can explore online business reviews on Google or social media. You can also ask for ready samples to make your own judgment.

2. Ensure Your Profitability

You can reach out to multiple manufacturers and request quotes from them. This way, you get to make a deal with the best quote and save significantly.

3. Be Professional                  

Set up your ecommerce website and digital presence before you reach out to a manufacturer. This lets them know that you mean business and aren’t in the deal to back out. You will get serious quotes and a better response from the manufacturer.

4. Looking for Suppliers

Sometimes, suppliers and manufacturers aren’t the same businesses. This happens especially when the manufacturer you choose is overseas.

When this happens, you may need to search for a supply partner who can help you expedite the entire process of sourcing your product.

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Ecommerce With aasaan (Conclusion):

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