10 Ways to Start a Work-From-Home Online Business

Murali Gottumukkala
Co-founder, COO
March 17, 2022

With the advent of the pandemic, many businesses were being forced to shut the operation due to the inability to sustain the current pressure, social distancing, and lesser movement outside as preventive measures.

But as one side businesses are shutting operations, there are also many opportunities unfolding all around us.

People have increased trust in online businesses and the ease of things happening online with current restrictions either government-imposed or by oneself to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

With the aasaan app, the ease of developing and managing your online business has become a little less complicated. aasaan app helps you create a professional-looking store at great ease.

Here is the list of the ten best sectors to start a work-from-home online business in 2022.

1. Supplies online store:

In 2020, when we faced major lockdown measures with restrictions on movement and sometimes facing difficulties in getting the supplies for household purposes, big players of providing online facilities faced delivery disruptions.

Though the major provision stores kept the facilities uninterrupted, there was still a lack of delivery facilities in various locations in India. This factor shows a window of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to open an online store with delivery facilities.

2. Delivery services:

Another business that has a huge scope of growth is well-knitted delivery services for different kinds of goods. This business requires networking with stores and delivery boys, which can provide an ample product portfolio and delivery agents who can reach nooks and corners.

After the COVID-19 restrictions, there has been a shift in the pattern of consumers’ buying habits, and they agree to shell out some extra bucks for delivery of the required products with ease at home.

3. Online clothes merchant:

Consumers like to have the feel of the product before they buy the same. An exhaustive display of clothes and merchandise would be required for this kind of online store, which means a highly supportive and cost-effective medium to create a web portal and app.

This business is dependent on how effectively you can showcase your products to prospective consumers. One of the effortless and cost-effective ways to start an online store with support to develop the same is the aasaan app.

4. Handicrafts and Paintings:

One of the segments that have never stopped buyers from indulging no matter what the situation is handicrafts and paintings. This is the segment where if you are talented in arts and handicrafts, you can do wonders.

Another way to start this online business is to network with various artists and highlight their work for a commission on sales.

This online store or app requires you as a service provider to create a web and app that enables you or your artist partners to add new products or do frequent changes at their will.

5. Online tuition:

Schools and colleges are operating online and doing an excellent job with the highest degree of flexibility demonstrated by both students and professors. This has opened up a few more avenues for online teaching, where students get access to different teachers from the comfort of their homes.

If you have enough confidence in teaching that you can gather enough students and efficiently deliver lessons via online medium, then this can be a very lucrative online business.

The need of this business is a cost-effective web and app development with inbuilt video channels/meeting options and payment options.

6. Blogging:

The material you generate for your blog is what drives the blog to success. A blog written well generates a lot of traffic and, in turn, generates frequent advertisement-based revenue.

The content on the blog has to be kept updated with current affairs and trends. The need for a blog webpage is to chronologically display your articles. This also needs connectivity and reach of the blogger with different social media accounts.

7. Pest control and sanitization:

India is a country where we face different mosquito-borne diseases every year. The rise of the pandemic last year and the growing awareness about the ways to prevent it has also given rise to sanitization and pest control services offered online.

The need for this kind of online business is a user-friendly website and an app that has an order tracker as well as multiple payment modes.

8. Web designing:

With more and more people starting different businesses, the need to reach the masses through online stores is on the rise. Thus, the business of website designing can do wonders as people need a cost-effective and unique-looking website.

The website designing business requires an online store with a display of different templates and examples of how it can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

9. Accounting:

Different businesses require different processes of the business to be done at different times on their lifecycle. Added pressure due to pandemics and reduction of economic activities have led many companies to outsource their accounting practices to third parties, where they get effective solutions for their requirements and at reasonable prices.

If you have skills befitting the business, you can easily start an accounting business by showcasing your skills online through websites, apps, and social media. A cost-effective online store can help you in successfully achieving the same.

10. Digital Marketing:

With various new ventures opening every day, with a wide array of products and services, there is a need to get the products efficiently marketed and positioned to the target audience in a best-suited way.

A digital marketing business can be a very scalable business in current times. Digital marketing helps to build an online presence of an individual or an organization through articles, blogs, or social media pages that highlight the company’s product story and USP. A digital marketing business needs an attractive webpage with a wide variety of case studies, stories, and testimonials.

There is no dearth of opportunities if you can imagine an efficient way to deliver with a keen understanding of the requirements. You are only steps away from building a work-from-home online business.

For any online business, half of the business is dependent upon how efficiently you can convey your business. And for the same, you need an efficient partner to build a website-based/app-based store.

Download aasaan app today to help you build your online business platform quickly in minutes. When you have narrowed it down to what you want to develop, create an online store using the aasaan app.

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