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June 2, 2022

Thanks to technology, a lot of things that were not possible before, have become possible. The most striking example of this is the fact that earlier, establishing a business meant incurring huge expenses.

Obviously, starting a business, even in this age requires a lot of dedication, and a fair investment, but it is so much better now. You don’t have to invest money for a building, or a piece of land, because nowadays, you can conduct your business sitting at home!

Yes, you heard that right! All you need is a unique business idea, and then you can conduct your business sitting at home.

1. Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a very normal part of our lives. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, the number of people who shop online has drastically gone up.

People don’t want to leave their houses if it is not necessary, which is where online shopping enters the scene. Moreover, customers need to pay less when buying things online, which is what adds to the appeal.

But thinking about this from the business point of view, the reason that the prices are lower is that there is no need for incurring rent or other expenses for a physical space.

Probably, the most expensive asset for a business owner is the land or the building where the business is conducted because it comes with a lot of additional expenses.

This is why an online store makes sense, because it exists in the virtual world, and does not take up many resources in the physical world.

Why Move Online? Create Online Store in India for Free :

There are many benefits for business owners if they make their presence felt in the online space. The internet connects the whole world, which is why good promotions can attract customers for your business from near and far.

There is a substantial increase in the number of potential customers you can attract. On the other hand, you need to bear less expenses, because you need less space and less employees when the business is being run on a smaller scale.

For businesses that are just starting out, it is very beneficial, because this way, the profit margin is high.

Even though a lot of people would like to conduct their business online, there are many out there who probably think that building a website for your business is a difficult task.

But that is absolutely untrue. If you are a budding entrepreneur, with a small or a medium-sized business, you have the aasaan app to help you out.

The aasaan app:

aasaan app, as the name suggests, is supposed to make your work easier. The word “aasaan” is the Hindi word for “easy”, and true to its name, it does ensure that your business is carried on smoothly.

Using the aasaan app, you can create an online store in India for free, in a matter of moments. You don’t need to do much for that.

Firstly, download the aasaan app, and sign up, using your mobile number. Name your business, and move on to making your catalog. Add the products, their details, pictures, and all other necessary details.

The next step is personalizing your website. Work on the theme, logo, and layout. Make sure you do your research on colors before deciding on a color palette for your website.

For example:

If you are building a website for your restaurant, avoid using the color blue, as it is known to be an appetite suppressant. Hence, this step is very important. After this step is done and dusted, create a unique domain for your site, and you would be good to go.

While most online services charge you to create your website, with aasaan, you can do it for absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything for making your website.

There are no other additional charges either. Up till your 100th order, you can use the app for free. After that, you can subscribe to any of the yearly plans that the app offers its users, which suit your needs and your budget. Compared to other apps, the pricing starts off quite low, at just ₹5999 yearly.

With the aasaan app, it is super easy to keep track of your business as well. You can track your orders and keep in touch with your customers. Being in direct touch with your customers helps your business too.

Directly talking to your customers gives the business a touch of genuinely, which goes a long way to making your business make a good name for itself.

Not only this, you even get better marketing options for your business. You can create QR code discount coupons for your business. Moreover, with the SEO optimization tool, you can attract more visitors to your site, thus ensuring that more people know about your business.

The app doesn’t just help you build your website, but also helps you market your business. This means you don’t need to face the hassle of handling multiple apps, for meeting different requirements of your business website. With the aasaan app, you have all the tools to take you through the process.


All in all, the aasaan app is one of the best apps that business owners can come across. It brings world-class technology and building tools at your disposal so that you can build a site that is according to your taste.

With this app, you don’t have to depend on anyone else to build your website, and neither do you have to pay sky-high prices for services whose results you may or may not end up liking.

You only pay for using the app, AFTER your business starts growing. If you manage to get 100 orders using the app, it is a clear sign that your business is growing, and now you can certainly afford to subscribe to the yearly plans enlisted by the aasaan app.

Try it out now!

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