7 Unique Small Business Ideas to Try in 2024

Murali Gottumukkala
Co-founder, COO
July 4, 2022

Are you looking for profitable new low-investment business ideas in India that are within your budget?

Have you ever wondered if you could start a small-scale business with the facilities you own right now?

Have you been wondering about starting a website but never knew where to begin?

Well, you could run your small business with just one click! Go through the aasaan app to quick start your website business and master it.

This app will provide everything you need to know about starting your own website business, a great small-scale business idea in India.

Making the incorrect choices while starting and managing a business might bankrupt you. Therefore, looking into as many possibilities as possible is advised to discover the best match for your current financial situation, circumstances, local demand, demographics, and experience.

Let’s go right to some significant small businesses that may be launched with little capital. Always select according to your interests and the number of funds needed.

There are many small company examples like the ones mentioned below. Let us go through some of the small-scale business ideas in India so you can select the best one to begin your own successful small business.

Small Profitable Business Ideas:

1. Starting a blog/website

Blogging is a quite certain home-based business concept that requires very little capital. You must undergo competent writing skills training and have a technical understanding of it. This is a wonderful small-scale business concept that you may start at home.

If you’re confused about how to get started, go through your play store and download the aasaan app, this application will help you build and customize awesome websites according to your brand.

You can also use the marketing tools available on the app to grow sales. Not just this, you also get assistance from the account managers. All these features will ultimately take your online business to a much higher standard.

You can find numerous ideas online to monetize your website, some of which are listed below:

  • Add an affiliate link
  • Sell products (digital/physical) through your website
  • Launch an e-course
  • Start a membership website (paid)
  • Be open to donations
  • Use Google Ad-sense and play ads on your website
  • Start drop shipping

There are a thousand ways to monetize your website; this is a** small profitable business idea** that you can start at home right away!

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of India’s most popular small-scale business ideas in India.

The opportunities in digital marketing are numerous. You can build your own business, work as a freelancer, advertise various items, and make a good living.

Before attempting any of the above processes, you must have a strong command of your digital marketing abilities. You may develop these skills by enrolling in a digital marketing training program or completing an online course.

3. Develop mobile apps

Everyone knows that the demand for mobile phones and applications is elevating rapidly every day. There is much opportunity for mobile app development in India. It is a low-investment business idea that anyone can pursue.

A mobile app developer must be technically proficient with all the tools necessary for its creation (tech-savvy), understand the user’s demands, and create the app in line with those needs. Before it is created, ensure it also fulfils the needs of the potential consumers.

4. Make/sell customized gifts

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You can advance at home with this small profitable business idea. Everyone these days desires to offer their loved ones a gift they’ll remember on significant days or occasions.

Starting a company that creates personalized presents may be quite successful, and it doesn’t require a big investment; it’s a low investment business. You need to purchase certain accessories and gift items utilized for customizing.

5. Dropshipping

One of the greatest things about this** small-scale business idea** is that you may launch it simply by creating your ecommerce website without ever making a high investment or keeping any goods inventory.

You are not required to buy products until you receive a customer order. You have the potential to make a profit of up to three times the seller’s asking price. Things to keep in mind before advancing your small-scale dropshipping business:

  • Finding a supplier, such as one from Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, or another company, and forming a partnership with them should be your first step.
  • Create your online store and list the products you wish to offer from these providers.
  • Promote your website using internet marketing channels or social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • As soon as you get orders from clients, make an order with suppliers and request that they deliver the goods to the client’s address.

6. Become a Social Media Consultant

Given that marketing now relies heavily on the media. The concern for one’s reputation and goodwill across all businesses, organizations, and authorities creates many opportunities for social media consultants.

Consultants’ social media channels may significantly influence their reputation and goodwill (both favourably and adversely). They can generate a sizable income by requesting a significant fee from reputable businesses.

Becoming a social media consultant is also one of the best and easiest small-scale business ideas in India.

7. Photography

Suppose you are an expert photographer and are skilled at taking images. In that case, you may want to consider this small profitable business idea as you will need to purchase a professional camera to practice photography professionally.

You are now ready to go! If you don’t own a professional camera, you can start with the one you already possess and begin uploading them on your website. That would be a good start to your photography business.

For their weddings, birthdays, celebrations, festivals, etc., everyone nowadays employs a professional photographer. This profession, at the moment, has a broad reach, and the commercial opportunity is promising.


Various kinds of small enterprises exist. It could be a firm or corporation with a modest initial investment, few staff, and low sales volume compared to other businesses or corporations of similar size.

It is often a privately held, only proprietor kind of business. You can select any** small business idea**from the limited list of options.

These ideas for small businesses are appropriate for everyone, regardless of education. All you need is a desire to manage, and you will create a successful small business.

Try it out now!

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