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aasaan - Build storefronts that scale your business, no code required | Product Hunt

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Best Ecommerce Website Builders in India - Create Your Online Store with Ease


Look around you. The influence the internet has on people is more than ever before. From buying movie tickets to watching their favorite movie, almost everything can now be done just by visiting a website.

This has impacted everyone’s shopping behavior too. Ecommerce has revolutionized how people purchase goods and services. Therefore, it is essential for business owners and sellers to have an efficient platform for their ecommerce business.

They need a website that attracts a large number of customers and is also convenient to use for both the seller and the buyer. aasaan is one such platform where entrepreneurs can easily launch their online business.

Its ease of use and robust platform make it an attractive option for people looking to start their ecommerce journey. With features like custom domain, options to have product variants, managing orders, and many more, aasaan is the easiest ecommerce website builder in india.

Let us look at a few reasons that make your website building experience truly great.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Indian Ecommerce Website Builder

Illustration of Building a Website

Most startups, especially small home-based businesses, lack the know-how to create and run their website. In most cases, they either take help from an expert or simply use a popular ecommerce website to sell their product or service.

This results in the business paying commissions or fees to maintain the website. And the entrepreneur does not feel in control while shaping their website or designing their webpage.

Having a personal website, where even an amateur entrepreneur finds it easy to make changes, and shape the product, works perfectly in giving the best customer experience. Website builders like aasaan give you multiple options to best customize your website so that your users get the best experience.

1. Pricing and Plans:

  • It is important to consider the cost of the website builder and the plans that they offer.
  • Some website builders may offer a low starting price, but charge more for additional features or transaction fees.
  • Look for website builders that offer transparent pricing and plans that fit your budget and business needs.

2. User-friendliness and ease of use:

  • You want an ecommerce website builder that is easy to use and doesn't require advanced technical skills or coding knowledge.
  • Look for a website builder with a user-friendly interface, clear navigation, and easy-to-use tools and features.

3. Customization options and design templates:

  • The ecommerce website builder should offer a variety of customization options and design templates that allow you to create a unique and professional-looking website.
  • Look for website builders that offer responsive designs and allow you to customize the colors, fonts, layouts, and images.

4. Payment options and security:

  • A good ecommerce website builder should offer secure payment options to protect your customer's personal and financial information.
  • Look for website builders that offer multiple payment gateways, SSL encryption, and other security features to ensure safe transactions.

5. Customer support and resources:

  • It's important to have reliable customer support and resources to help you if you encounter any issues or have questions while building and managing your ecommerce website.
  • Look for website builders that offer 24/7 customer support, helpful resources like tutorials and guides, and an active community forum.

Top Ecommerce Website Builder in India

There are multiple features an entrepreneur may expect from its website. Starting from getting a custom domain to getting a product delivered to a customer, a website helps a business with many needs.

1. Aasaan:

aasaan ecommerce website builder

At aasaan, we understand the challenges that come with building an online store.

That's why we've developed a powerful zero-code platform that makes it easy for anyone to create stunning online storefronts and mobile apps, without any technical skills required. With aasaan, you can achieve your goals faster, at a lower cost, and with all the features you need to succeed.

aasaan offers many features that help the business explore every facet of the ecommerce business. With features like Catalogue Builder, Easy Shipping, Easy Payments, SEO Management, and much more, aasaan truly sets itself apart as an ecommerce store builder.

It has a solution for all your problems and provides you with a dedicated account manager if you want one.

This dedicated account manager will help you with all your needs and may also suggest the best possible feature alternatives you may have on your website if you feel a bit confused.

This makes aasaan one of the best choices for first-time entrepreneurs who wish to build their ecommerce brand through a website.

A. It’s aasaan with the app

Managing an Online store on a mobile

Surprisingly, many website builders do not give you an option to create a website by just using your app. Using an app to build your website saves you valuable time and gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, just by using your mobile phone.

The aasaan app makes creating websites easier through a few simple steps. The app, which is available both for android and iOS users, helps entrepreneurs create an online store just using a few taps on their phones.

This highly convenient method to create and maintain a website allows the business to have faster response times, helping them longer. An app is helpful in some other ways too. There is no need to remember website addresses and open a browser to create or edit your website.

With a single tap on the aasaan app, you can start building or customizing your website. This small yet valuable feature makes aasaan the best online store builder in india.

B. Insights help you the best.

A girl creating website on aasaan

Data is the new oil. When customers open your website or order a product, they leave a digital trail of likes and dislikes. aasaan helps you get data about your customer to have a better hold on your target customer.

You may be aware that customer retention is a lot cheaper than customer acquisition. Therefore, having a proper record of your customers helps you understand people’s preferences, thereby helping you retain your customers better.

aasaan helps you put coupons and offers for your prospective customers. With a better understanding of what your customer is attracted to, you can go for targeted offers that increase the click-through rate on your products.

C. Using the power of social media

Use the power of Social Media

There are plenty of opportunities with social media. It is one of the best possible ways to interact with your customers, understand their concerns, and advertise in a targeted manner.

With aasaan, you can choose to integrate various social media apps that help you build your customer service model. When you use aasaan, the best ecommerce website builder in India, you can be assured of connecting and selling on social media with relative ease.

2. Shopify: 


Shopify is a popular choice for small businesses and startups due to its excellent SEO features. The platform offers built-in tools for on-page optimization, meta tag editing, and image optimization, which can improve your website's search engine visibility.

Shopify is known for its ease of use and offers a variety of versatile themes to choose from. Additionally, the platform supports a comprehensive range of SEO apps, plugins, and tools, allowing for easy customization and optimization.

Shopify provides well-optimized URLs and website structures, which can contribute to better search engine rankings. The platform offers three plans - Basic, Shopify, and Advanced - with prices starting at $29, $79, and $299 per month, respectively.



WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform that is built on the WordPress framework, making it highly user-friendly for those familiar with WordPress.

It is an open-source platform, which means that it is highly customizable and offers a wide range of SEO plugins and tools to enhance your ecommerce store's visibility.

WooCommerce has strong content management capabilities, which makes it an ideal choice for content-rich websites. The platform also has clean and well-structured site code, which is conducive to good search engine ranking.

In terms of pricing, the WooCommerce platform is free, but there is the option to upgrade to a Premium plan. The hosting price begins at $6.95/month, and the price for a domain name is $15/year.

4. Bigcommerce:

big commerce

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that is highly scalable and designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers advanced SEO and marketing features, including custom URLs, automatic sitemap generation, and specific SEO settings at the product/category level.

With BigCommerce, you can easily create sitemaps, meta tags, and tiered categories without any hassle. The platform also integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp.

BigCommerce offers high availability and flexibility for your online store, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. The platform has various plans available, including Enterprise plans, but their most popular plans are Standard ($29.95/month), Plus ($79.95/month), and Pro ($299.95/month).

5. Magento:


Magento is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that offers numerous SEO tools and extensions for complete control over on-page and off-page optimization. The platform is fully customizable and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

One of Magento's main benefits is greater control over your online store's SEO. The platform also allows for easy integrations with popular SEO tools and plugins, and has a large user base and community that continually updates SEO best practices.

Magento's pricing can vary depending on your business needs. The Open Source version costs $10,000-$60,000 per year, while the Commerce version costs $22,000-$125,000 per year based on sales. The Commerce Cloud version costs $40,000-$190,000 per year based on sales.

Signing Off:

Ecommerce websites have come as a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs who want to sell a product but do not have the resources to set up a brick-and-mortar shop or directly reach customers across the geography.

Creating your website bridges the gap between an entrepreneur and its customers and helps in better service, more convenience, and higher efficiency while shopping. The opportunities are endless, and it is aasaan to start your online journey.

Download the aasaan app to create your free online store.